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Our service cost money. It’s priced fairly and charged legally and we work hard for our money. Please don’t fill in this form if you expect us to work on your case for free…

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    We do, however, understand that you’ve already been scammed online and that you’re naturally afraid of paying online. This is why we do offer a free case review, and won’t charge anything if your case isn’t qualified. Please do your part of the deal, and submit your case only if you truly intend to proceed with the recovery process.

    Funds Recovery

    Yes, you fell victim to a scam, and you are understandably afraid to have anything to do with any business online. But what if we told you there is a chance to recover your funds with the help of fund recovery agencies like The Global Payback. With The Global Payback, you have a high chance of getting your money because we have a team of recovery experts to guide you every step of the way.
    The Global Payback provides a groundbreaking AI-assisted BI algorithm that provides cost-effective, informative reports for individuals and corporations seeking to acquire business-oriented information – in a snap.

    How It Works

    Technological progress and development of AI systems have made business insight and fraud prevention completely different: innovative technological and digital tools, machine learning, and automatic detection of threats have made the process easier and more effective. What are the elements of modern loss prevention? Monitoring, auditing, detection, and active management to settle all in one. Now you can obtain all the necessary tools to protect your data and avoid effectively financial damages in one click!

    Your Funds Can Be Saved!

    Our goal is to help people who have put their trust in the wrong corporations, to hit back and rescue their investment. We offer a full range of asset recovery services through specialized investigation together with legal and paralegal work. We have recovered millions of dollars for victims of binary options fraud.
    Binary Options Scams

    Binary Options Scams

    Binary options involve betting on whether financial assets (shares, commodities, currencies etc.) will go up or down in value in a short time period, as little as a minute. This form of trading is illegal in most countries.
    CFD Trading Scams

    CFD Trading Scams

    While CFD trading is regulated in many parts of the world, and held by some reputable brokers, many other scam brokers have joined this industry and using these platforms to execute scam operations.
    Fake ICOs

    Fake ICOs

    Initial Coin Offerings were a big trend in 2018 and managed to cash in Billions of dollars from a huge amount of ‘investors’. If you’ve participated in an ICO but never heard anything about it since, you’ve probably been scammed.
    Crypto Trading Scams

    Crypto Trading Scams

    While many legit online platforms offer exchanging or trading with cryptocurrencies, the fact that this market is completely unregulated is leaving a huge crack for scammers to use these platforms for scamming people.

    What is a fund recovery company?

    Fund recovery services are in the business of returning money “stolen” to clients every year.

    They render information, support, advocacy solutions for people trying to recover funds from merchants, brokers, or fraudulent parties. In addition, they write fund recovery reports aimed at informing people of possible scams.


    You can recover funds in disputes too.

    Find recovery services to help you recover the money you lost through a scam and help you win claims in disputes. For example, if you are in a dispute with a merchant or broker about a refund, the typical body that will handle the dispute are banks and credit card companies. Unfortunately, the financial institutions are likely to blame you because you authorized the deposit and deny your requests for a refund. These kinds of disputes are complex considering the elements involved;

    You do not deny the fact that you authorized the payment

    You have not received the promised goods or service

    The unfortunate scenario in cases like this is the bank refusing to refund and encourages you to move on. But with the help of a fund recovery agency, you have a higher chance of success.


    Why do you need a fund recovery company?

    Want to increase your chances of getting your money back after a scam? Hire a fund recovery agency. It is a losing battle to try and get a refund or chargeback in financial fraud or credit card scams on your own. It is emotionally draining because of all the hostility you will face and the constant back and forth with the financial institutions. The worst part? Still not getting your money back. Here is where a fund recovery company comes in. They have the expertise, tools, and resources to impact the recovery process significantly. They have a team of professionals that will help you with the following steps and ultimately recover your funds from a fraudulent broker.


    What you can expect in the fund recovery process

    There is no definite period of a fund recovery process. We have seen cases that we resolved within a week, whiles we concluded others within a month. The complexity of the case plays a role in the duration of the fund recovery process. A fund recovery service like The Global Payback offers a free review of your case. We will investigate and consult with you and take up your case when it meets our qualifications. Our team of seasoned recovery experts uses their knowledge, connections, and resources to investigate the scammers and retrieve your funds. In June, we were able to recover the sum of $845,941 to our clients.


    Why do you need to contact The Global Payback?

    We are consulting firms with years of experience in fund recovery from financial fraud. We have helped countless clients who were victims of Binary Options Scams, CFD Trading Scams, Fake ICOs, Crypto Trading Scams, and more. We know how to recover your funds through BI Algorithms, Deep Analysis, Chargebacks, Disputes, etc. The Global Payback is the only thing standing between getting your investments or losing them forever. We start our process by drawing a timeline of everything that happened, including how the fraudsters succeeded. We will also need complete documentation of every transaction and communication between you and the scammer(s). It is critical because it helps us build our case and gives us all the information we need to track down the scammers.


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    Why You Need To Act Fast


    Entities & Structure

    Each online scam involves several business entities and a sophisticated structure. The longer you’ll wait, the harder it will be to expose it.


    Time Frame

    If the brokers that scammed you are still operating, on the same brand name or not, they will be easier to track then after they’re gone.


    Scam Prevention

    High chances that the same people who scammed you are still scamming others using a different identity. The sooner we’ll stop them, the better.


    Success Rate

    If your case will end up in court, then the time it took you to act will be counted as well. Early case filing means higher chances to succeed.
    The Global Payback
    Our team is made up of wealth recovery professionals who know exactly how to get your money back in the shortest time-frame!

    We know how the scammers are working, and familiar with all of their tricks. Our network of legal specialists, data miners and past workers of companies in this industry allows us to track and expose the scammers, leaving them no choice but to refund your money.

    If you got hurt by one of those scammers, please contact us as soon as possible. The time frame is highly important and every day counts. The sooner the process will start, the higher are your chances to recover.

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